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Expand your business
with NFTs

Create and Deploy your NFT collections, connect Utility Apps under
YOUR brand for YOUR customers

Expand Your business
Expected Industries

Business sectors willing to use NFT technology and enter into the Metaverse

Luxury Retail

Luxury Retail

Fashion Retail

Fashion Retail





Expected Industries

Business sectors willing to use the NFT technology and to enter the Metaverse

Luxury Retail

Luxury Retail

Fashion Retail

Fashion Retail





Adopt the
NFT Technology

NFTs are your limited edition products that provide a certificate of authenticity, proof of ownership, and product traceability.

Certhis provides 3 layers of royalties on every NFTs
transactions (Mint or Sell).

Adopt the NFT technology

Advantages of integrating NFTs into your brand


Create a digital presence for your brand

Show your Brand in a new and innovative way

Increase your PR presence with a new product

Create Customer Loyalty

Build exclusive sections on your website
for NFT holders

Create an engaged community centered around your brand

Create exclusive offers for your
NFT owners

New Customer Acquisition

Engage a young customer base of crypto enthusiasts

For each secondary sale,
earn a commission

Target Crypto owner

Sell NFTs in all your stores

Sell NFTs in All Your Stores

Physical shop

Physical Shop

The NFT is used as proof of authenticity
and/or proof of ownership.

Eshop or website

Eshop or Website

The NFT collection/s will be available on the business own site or eshop.

Shop on the metaverse

Shop on the Metaverse

3D product NFTs will be available for sell on the business Metaverse shop.

Customer Journey

Your customers can buy on any shops (Physical, eshop or Metaverse) and get:


The physical good at home


The NFT as proof of ownership


The 3D NFT for his Metaverse Avatar

How It Works?

Integrate your NFT collection

display your nft collection on certhis

On Certhis

We provide you with your own collection page. Share it with your community

Publish your collection on Certhis Mint Explorer and offer your NFT collections to our minters community

display your nft collection on your website

On your Website

Integrate your NFT collection on your own website

Use Certhis tools to integrate your NFT collections on Shopify, Wix and Wordpress

display your nft collection in the metaverse

In the Metaverse (coming soon)

Display your NFTs in the Metaverse

Exclusive Features

Own your nft platform

Own your NFT platform

  • Create your label
  • Build and deploy as many collections as you want
  • Private or public collections
  • Manage your NFTs business
bulk upload

Bulk Upload

Upload thousands of NFTs within minutes with our bulk upload feature

  • Large NFTs amount upload at once
  • Supports mp3, mp4, jpeg and all other formats


Your dashboard monitors all your collections

  • Keep track of your NFTs Mints and Sells
  • Monitor your income and sales volume
publish anywhere

Integrate on any website

  • Publish on your own website or e-shop
  • Compatible with major platforms like Wix, Shopify and Wordpress
  • Share on your social networks



The Very First Blockchain Affiliate Program


Choose your partners

It can be your social network, the influencers who are promoting your collection, your web agency, any service provider


On every transaction (mint or sell) the partner will get affiliate commission