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Create, mint, publish and sell NFTs to your own customers, for your own community

Certhis Will Help You
Create Your NFTs

A fast and easy process. From a single item to a collection of 10,000, we will make it happen

How it works?


Mint directly from collections on Certhis NFT explorer. Connect your wallet and start minting!

Mint NFTs directly from collections
on Certhis Mint Explorer

Create and Mint NFTs from digital
items you own.

Buy and Sell

Creators & Businesses

Build and manage your own NFT business

Build your label

Create your collections and set royalties for each

Deploy and publish collections on your own website

Enable customers to mint their NFTs directly from your website


Use our API to build add-ons and publish them for the Certhis community.

2minTo create an NFT
4:15Average time to create
your own NFT platform
100%Free for NFTs, label and
collections creation

Exclusive Features

Mint Explorer

  • Explore revealed or unrevealed NFTs
  • Directly mint NFTs on Certhis explorer

Your Own NFT Platform

  • Create your label
  • Build and deploy as many collections as you want
  • Private or public collections
  • Manage your NFT business

Bulk Upload

  • Upload up to 10K NFTs within minutes
  • Supports mp3, mp4, jpeg and all other formats


Your dashboard monitors all your collections

  • Keep track of your NFT mints and sales
  • Monitor your income and sales volume

Publish Anywhere

  • Publish on your own website or e-shop
  • Compatible with major platforms like Wix, Shopify and Wordpress



  • Security Audit ETH
  • Tax / Royalties layers
  • Custom Mint
  • Bulk upload of a large volume NFT collection
  • Mint Explorer


  • Wordpress module
  • Matic Layer
  • Collection page Upgraded
  • Collection promotion System
  • Wix module
  • Filter System
  • API mint


  • Cert Stacking
    (stacking system for Certhis NFT )
  • Cert Token (easy token creation)
  • Custom Mint
  • Cert wallet

Multi Blockchain

  • Certhis On Elrond Blockchain
  • Certhis On Solana


  • Import NFT from another SC
  • Module 2D to 3D
  • Module Metaverse


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Any developer can create and integrate his add-on and use Certhis API