Instantly a
Web3 Wallet

Onboard your Web2 users seamlessly into Web3 just with an email

No Downloads

No Passwords

No Seed Phrases

Use your Email and start navigating
on Web3 Instantly


Perfect for Both
Experienced &
New Users

Certhis Wallet provides a seamless
experience for NFT holders to onboard with
just an email address. Our Wallet provides
holders with an easy-to-use interface for
managing their NFTs, and access their Utilities

Email Sign In

Simple sign up process using just an email address easily

Totally Free

Certhis Wallet is fully free for you and for your users with no limit of users

Store Assets

Your customers can store all their digitals assets

Credit card funding

Certhis Wallet allows credit card funding


Encrypted private key for every interaction

Multi Chain

Any blockchain minted NFT managed in 1 place

NFT Management

Transfer NFTs to any email address


Join our community and beneficiate from our support for your Certhis Wallet

Your Users Can
Buy, Store, Transfer
All their
Digitals Assets

Store Your Assets

With Our SDK

No Downloads

No Passwords

No Seed Phrases

const CerthisWallet = require( "@certhis/certhis-wallet");

const certhis_wallet = CerthisWallet.init() ;

const Web3 = certhis_wallet.getWeb3() ;

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Wallet Certhis

Business Manager

Create, Launch And Manage
All Your NFT Campaigns In One Place.

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Enhance Your Holders Experience
With A Large Choice Of Applications.