Send Your Product Digital Twin From Your Shopify Store

Discover the potential of NFTs in e-commerce, Send by email a digital version based on products or custom designs to your customers


Be ready to go within minutes.

How It Works ?


This feature enables the seamless deployment of your program directly onto a blockchain. Simply provide your email for the connection.

Customize your emails

Customize your emails to reflect your brand identity, incorporating your logo, colors, and messaging for a consistent and professional look that enhances brand recognition and strengthens your connection with the audience.


Upon validation of each order, customers will receive their unique NFT via email. This seamless process ensures that with every confirmed purchase, a corresponding digital asset is promptly delivered to the customer's inbox.

Send Effortlessly Your Product Digital Twin

Send Auto Generated digital version of your products directly to your customers in one click

Give Extra value to your products

Boost Your Product Offerings With Digital Versions, Loyalty Rewards, Certificate Of Authenticity, And Exclusive Discounts, Ensuring An Exceptional VIP Experience To Your Customers.

Seamless onboarding for your customers

The digital twins of your product are thoughtfully placed in the customer's email inbox for swift and straightforward retrieval. This user-friendly approach makes onboarding a seamless experience, ensuring that customers can effortlessly access their unique digital assets and their digital Wallet with ease.

Use the power of
push notifications

Your customers can add their Digital Twin as Digital Pass onto their Apple and Google Wallet effortlessly with just one tap, you'll then be able to send to them Push Notifications, reward notifications and accessing events through QR codes.

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