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How can NFTs be used in Real Estate - the new place to invest!

What is meant by virtual land in the metaverse and why buying some could add some value to your investment ...

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How NFTs Can Be Used In Business – How To Add Utility And Its Benefits

NFTs have been around for a while and made a wider impact with NFT art auctions in 2021. A number of businesses have also entered the realm of the Metaverse as they seek innovative revenue streams ...

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Utility NFTs Explained What They Are And How They Work

Web3 has introduced us not only to a new world of possibilities but to a new set of terms that are not always easily understood. First off there are cryptocurrencies, blockchains, marketplaces and ...

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NFT Art- understanding the hype behind digital art

On March 11, 2021, an extraordinary event took place in the art world, when Christie’s Auction House sold a digital art piece entitled, “All Days: The First 5000 Days”, by the digital artist known ...

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NFT Loans- solving the NFT illiquidity problem

In order to understand what NFT loans are, one first needs to know what an NFT stands for and second, one needs to understand what DeFi stands for as this is one of the main driving forces behind ...

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Physical NFTs – can you touch it? Physical NFTs explained

Many people have been talking about NFTs and digital art and NFT art collections, Below we will explain what a physical NFT is and investigate the idea of converting and selling physical art into ...

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Dao NFT Meaning - What Is a DAO and How Does It Benefit NFTs?

Crypto, NFT, DeFi, DAO; A lot of new words are being used when talking about Web3. Understanding the new vocabulary will also aid in understanding what is going on in this new landscape also known ...

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