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Integrate NFT into your Shopify Store

Enhance customer engagement and loyalty with the Certhis NFT App on Shopify. Explore how NFT rewards, digital products, and exclusive experiences can revolutionize your e-commerce business. Unlock the power of NFTs today.

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August 15, 2023

In today’s current competitive e-commerce industry, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty has emerged as a crucial component of operating a successful online store. The Certhis NFT App offers a cutting-edge approach that can assist in achieving this. Using this App, Shopify store owners can include Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into their online shops, enabling them to provide distinctive customer experiences, exclusive rewards, and customized goods. Below, we will take a look at how the Certhis NFT App available on Shopify App store may improve business dealings and boost client loyalty and engagement.


Offerings for Digital Product Delivery

By offering digital versions of their products, businesses can expand their product offers with the Certhis NFT App. This is a way to build new ways to  engage clients in various ways as well as meet the rising demand for digital content. Offering digital products can create a unique shopping experience that can appeal to a wider audience, whether they are digital artwork, virtual treasures, or exclusive digital downloads.


Building Loyalty through NFT Rewards

The Certhis NFT App gives shopify store owners the ability to design loyalty programs that use NFTs as rewards for fostering customer loyalty. Using exclusive NFT-based incentives like limited editions, individualized experiences, or discounts, retailers can encourage recurring purchases and build client loyalty. These NFT-based loyalty programs offer a feeling of value and exclusivity that makes customers feel valued and special.



Providing Certificates of Authenticity

The Certhis NFT App available in the Shopify App store, enables vendors to issue certificates of authenticity utilizing NFT technology for businesses who sell unique or limited-edition products. By using the blockchain, engage clients in interesting ways to confirm the validity of their purchase, which in turn increases the validity and worth of the goods. By having authenticity certifications available, it increases consumer confidence and highlights the worth of the things they purchase.


Unlocking a Premium Experience

Shopify Online Stores can now also provide their NFT holders with a premium experience, through the use of NFT technology . This can apply to gated material like premium photos, movies, articles, music, or even personalized URL redirects. If retailers want to offer special and custom content to NFT holders, they can opt to build an immersive experience that keeps customers both engaged and excited about their purchases. 


Opening a New Channel of contact

The Certhis NFT App creates a new link of contact between retailers and customers. Shopify stores Retailers can build direct communication and audience involvement by emailing NFTs to customers directly. As a result, each customer can receive updates, personalized communications, and exclusive offers that are catered to their preferences and interests.


NFT Campaign Management Simplified

The Certhis NFT App makes it easier to create, launch, and manage NFT campaigns. In order to ensure a flawless experience for both the business owner and the customers, retailers can easily set up and configure their NFT campaigns using a user-friendly interface. By streamlining NFT-related initiatives, this encompassing solution enables retailers to more easily manage their campaigns and concentrate on providing excellent customer experiences.




Customer engagement and loyalty are vital for an online store's success in the quickly evolving world of e-commerce. By integrating NFT capabilities into Shopify stores, the Certhis NFT App offers a novel solution to improve consumer interactions. Through the use of NFTs, businesses may provide customers with digital product options, foster loyalty through NFT rewards, and provide a premium experience. The app also offers a new channel for communication and simplifies the management of NFT campaigns, making it simpler than ever to engage customers and foster enduring loyalty. With the Certhis NFT App available on Shopify App Store, embrace the future of consumer involvement and take your Shopify business to new heights.



Can I send NFTs from my Shopify store to my customers using the Certhis NFT App?

Yes, with the Certhis NFT App, you can integrate NFT capabilities into your Shopify store and diversify your offerings with digital versions of your products.


How does the Certhis NFT App help increase customer loyalty?

The Certhis NFT App allows store owners to design loyalty programs using NFTs as rewards. It helps in fostering repeat purchases and builds customer loyalty by making customers feel valued and unique.


Can I generate product certificates using the Certhis NFT App?

Yes, for businesses selling distinctive or limited-edition products on their Shopify stores, the Certhis NFT App provides the ability to issue certificates of authenticity using NFT technology.


How does NFT technology enhance the customer shopping experience?

NFT technology allows you to offer premium experiences to your customers. By offering exclusive content and personalized interactions, NFTs create an immersive experience, new direct communication, keeping customers engaged and enthusiastic about their purchases.


Can I manage NFT campaigns using the Certhis NFT App?

Yes, the Certhis NFT App simplifies the process of setting up and managing NFT campaigns with its user-friendly interface, letting you focus on delivering the best customer experiences.




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