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NFT QR codes are the perfect way to display NFTs with ease

A QR code that directs anyone to the NFT immediately. Read on to find out how NFT QR codes are used and the benefits from using QR code NFTs

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January 12, 2023

We all love our NFTs, which is why some people spend thousands of dollars purchasing them. Like any physical item, such as jewelry or a painting in our living room, we want to show off our unique NFTs to our friends. Entering website addresses or digital wallets can be tiresome, so what is the solution?

How does a QR code for an NFT work?

QR codes are 2D images storing a lot of information, and are easily scannable by smartphones. Once scanned, a QR code can redirect the scanner to a certain address where the NFT is displayed. An NFT platform such as a display page on Certhis Mint Explorer is a possibility. In this way people can easily view your NFTs.

Dynamic NFT QR code

Unlike static QR codes, dynamic QR codes can be edited. So the NFT QR code can be changed to display different NFTs at different times. Also information can be gathered on where and when scans are conducted, thus giving information about the popularity and vies of certain NFTs.

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NFT QR code as a ticket

QR codes are already known for their use as tickets to events. It is now possible to create a QR code NFT. This is not just a redirection to an NFT, the QR code is in itself an NFT. It is stored in someone’s digital wallet. This can be just a simple NFT QR code, or a QR code and a digital art piece together in the same digital file on the blockchain. It is also possible to make beautifully designed QR codes with art in the background that are scannable, and so the QR code becomes a unique collectible item, an NFT. Event organizers may use QR code NFTs as a unique feature to provide a memorable experience.


QR codes and NFTs are both useful tools in the digital space, which is why there are many ways both of these technologies can be used together. A QR code can provide a quick link to an NFT, or it can in itself be an NFT. The ticketing industry is one area in particular where NFTs and QR codes are expected to be used together. 

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How do I get a QR code for NFT?

There are many QR code generators on the internet . Some of these have a URL option: this directs QR code scanners to a website. Then it is possible to type in an address of a specific NFT or all the holding of a specific wallet on a website like Certhis Mint Explorer or OpenSea.

How do I scan with NFT?

An NFT is a digital file therefore it can hold a QR code. That QR code can be scanned. 



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