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Top nft stocks

Big companies are incorporating NFTs into their business. Find out which stocks are likely to rise as a result

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July 4, 2022

10 Top NFT Stocks for 2022

NFTs are a hot issue among investors in 2022, with some believing they will continue to soar in value, while others have doubts. Do you want to learn more about NFTs but aren't sure where to start? There is a perception that NFTs are "expensive" when it comes to digital art. Some people are unsure about their usefulness. 

This might explain why some people are hesitant to invest in NFTs. If this was the case, investing in NFT stocks, meaning companies that have integrated NFTs into their business, might be a good way to get your feet wet in the market. 

To get started, take a look at these best NFT stocks.

What Does NFT Stand For?

Non-fungible tokens are abbreviated as NFT. Most digital items may sold as an NFT, such as:

  • Music 
  • Digital or physical art
  • The real estate market
  • Tweets
  • Avatars in video games
  • Videos

NFTs were initially developed in 2014 when the shift toward cryptocurrencies paved the way for digital asset investment. They're becoming a more popular financial option these days. The fact that each NFT is a one-of-a-kind object distinguishes them from other investment alternatives.

Top 10 NFT Stocks for 2022 

1. Takung

This is the best NFT stock to buy and is an illustration of how and why the NFT frenzy may quickly increase a stock’s worth. It increased in value by about 300 percent in one day. Talking Art is a real art gallery that specializes in Asian art. It's one-of-a-kind since it enables joint asset ownership.

This indicates that a group of individuals may jointly own a work of art, providing greater investors to participate in the market. Even though Takung Art does not yet participate in NFTs, investors are anticipating the business to do so shortly.

2. Dolphin Entertainment

Dolphin Entertainment is a company that specializes in amusement marketing and content creation. 42West, The Door, and Shore Fire Media are among the company's subsidiaries. It also offers advertising and public relations operations to several of the world's most well-known firms.

Aside from conventional media, the Florida-based agency also offers digital services such as social media, content marketing, innovative branding, and development. As a result, its capabilities and placement position it well to enter the NFT market with a distinct NFT subsidiary. This section collaborates with its clients to manage and develop their NFTS.

With its plan to cooperate with the trading platform FTX.US, including some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, it began creating ripples in the crypto industry. In March, it also formed a partnership with Hall of Fame Resort and Recreation to work on NFTs. It has some good qualifications to back up its NFT goals, with a market worth of roughly $76 million and sales of $24 million in the previous year.

3. Funko

In the previous four years, the firm, which was founded in 2017, has been diligent in making itself prominent. Funko, with brands like Funk Pop!, is among the leading makers of licensed pop culture collectibles. 

Licenses and partnerships with creators and developers of TV series, pictures, video games, and some other interesting content types from other platforms are crucial to the company's success. While Funko is best known for its tangible collectibles and figurines, the business is eager to make a big splash in the NFT industry.

Brian Mariotti, the CEO of Funko, is open to experimenting with the company's presence and goods in the non-fungible token arena. He envisions tying the sales of these actual figurines to NFTs and focusing their digital services on scarce licenses.

In July of this year, the business finally released Funko Digital Pop, a range of digital collectibles with the iconic Funko design and aesthetic. The Digital Pop collection from Funko starts at $9.99, and you can keep track of your treasures with the TokenHead app, which is accessible for both iOS and Android. Whenever you unlock a Funko Digital Pop!, you'll be able to uncover a rare Funko Digital Pop! That can be exchanged for a physical Funko Pop!

4. Jiayin

The Jiayin Group is a Fintech platform situated in Shanghai that specializes in NFTs. Jiayin Group's system enables investors and borrowers, allowing for a transparent and safe transaction from those who seek to give loans and people who need help.

Jiaying Team successfully declared its intent to purchase a 95 percent ownership in Bweenet Network Technology Firm, a manufacturer of bitcoin mining microchips. Analysts have speculated that Jiayin Group is considering using Bweenet's blockchain technology to create non-fungible coins as a result of this purchase.

While the firm hasn't made any formal announcements, its entry into the crypto realm appears to be a foregone conclusion, making it a worthy addition to our list of NFT stocks.

5. Plby

Plby is offering non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from its well-known photo shoots, which traders may purchase. That's a significant change from its beginnings as a vulgar publication in 1953. Plby has seen some significant stock price rises since venturing into NFTs.

6. eBay

eBay, which was among the first and biggest online marketplaces, has entered the NFT sector. How eBay has adopted NFTs might prove to be a watershed moment for the whole digital economy.  Many of the NFTs may be purchased through the company's web portal, but that may only be the beginning. Working with a limited number of confirmed merchants, eBay authorized the selling of non-fungible tokens on its marketplace.

While the site has embraced NFTs, it still prefers to sell in dollars instead of cryptocurrencies. This action by eBay may aid in the mainstreaming of NFTs, increasing access. "In the next months, eBay will offer new features that integrate blockchain-driven valuables to our platform," eBay CEO Jordan Sweetnam told Reuters during an interview.

eBay announcing its intention to enter the NFT sector, makes it one of the finest NFT stocks to purchase.

7. Shopify

The customer controls the purchasing and selling process in this e-commerce marketplace. The stock increased by 19 percent when Shopify President Harley Finkelstein tweeted about NFTs. That jump didn;t last, but the technology is already well-suited for use as an NFT network. Shopify will be a business to watch if it decides to invest in the NFT sector.

8. NET

Whenever you consider the top NFT stocks offered, Cloudflare is not the first thing that springs to mind. Furthermore, when it comes to assisting NFT producers, Cloudflare Stream, a streaming platform, assists them in publishing their work. It's a less expensive and time-consuming approach for producers to secure copyright on any publications.

If creators discover that these tools are beneficial for implementing copyright on most of their digital creations, it has the potential to spread to a large number of additional artists. While the concept may sound far-fetched, Cloudflare Stream's entrepreneur technology may be able to help the firm become one of the finest NFT stocks, thanks to its direct relationship with the NFT inventors.

The organization has an important role to play in the NFT revolution with its associated infrastructure. Cloudflare is a great contender on this ranking since it has a grip as a major participant in the offerings of the online market. Its key service categories are in line with just what traditional companies are looking for and capable of. 


DraftKings is one of the biggest and most prominent sports gambling stocks on the market. Now they are implementing NFTs based on athletes and sports. This corporation has a market capitalization of more than $14 billion. Its stock has dropped by more than 40% in the last three months, and it might be a great time to invest!

10. Liquid Media

Liquid Media, a Canadian startup, is bridging the gap between video games and the NFT realm. In May, the business introduced its line of NFTs, dubbed Red Carpet NFTs. In the entertainment industry, Liquid Media promotes itself as a business services powerhouse.

Liquid Media was best known for launching the mobile game Antiquity Aliens before branching out into the NFT market. Liquid Media intends to create NFTs of previous and contemporary Hollywood celebrities, along with their classics and popular films, with Red Carpet NFTs. A marketplace for buying and selling NFTs is also part of the initiative.

Liquid Media's move into the NFT industry has sparked curiosity due to its previous distribution partnership with Atari. Liquid's YouTube clip platform will be available on Atari's hybrid controller system as a result of this collaboration. Furthermore, Atari just announced a partnership with Bondly, an NFT gaming platform.

How did we rank the best NFT stocks?

To come up with a list of the top 10 stocks, we looked at the aspects that often influence the price of a stock or cryptocurrency. It would be unfair to lump crypto and stocks together because of their volatility, history, and financial structure. These NFT firms to invest in were chosen based on the following criteria.

Degree of Participation: The best NFT stocks were chosen based on their level of participation in the NFT ecosystem. Though some are engaged in cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens, other companies and their valuations are based on conjecture about future activities that these firms may engage in.

Mainstream Reputation: A company's popular reputation and recognition can work in its favor or against them. If a well-known brand like Nike enters the NFT market, it has the potential to have a significant effect.

History with Crypto: We've also mentioned the firms and their engagement in and around crypto-related activities. If they were receptive to the change, or if they had reservations about it.

Degree of Stability: The NFT stocks to purchase listed above have been chosen based on their features in both a volatile and steady market. We've taken into consideration the dangers that come with investing in these stocks.

Speculation Levels: As previously said, several of these stocks are riding the NFT wave, based on assumptions about that NFT stock. For example, if the stock's expectations aren't directly connected, there's a small possibility it'll be influenced by fluctuations in the non-fungible token market.

Where is the NFT market headed?

Whereas the NFT craze is relatively young, it isn't going away anytime soon. NFT sales have totaled more than $6.2 billion since 2017. This describes the current situation of non-fungible token acceptance and excitement. Thus according to DappRadar's data, NFT trading volume increased 38,000 percent year over year to $10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021.

JPMorgan, on the other hand, claims that though the market is growing and seeing increasing numbers, regulatory constraints may be impeding its progress. Governments, according to this group, continue to establish legal and regulatory barriers to these devices, citing copyright difficulties, creative property rights challenges, authentication, and other issues. As a result, the NFT market may be regarded as one that should be investigated with prudence and only after a comprehensive investigation on your part.


What is an NFT marketplace?

NFT marketplaces serve as trading centers for the world's most valuable assets. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are taking center stage, and they're changing the way we think about assets, businesses, art, and unique collectibles.

Should you invest in NFTs?

NFTs are quite frequently bought and traded due to their profit potential and their growing popularity. As an investment, NFTs can provide enormous returns. But like any investment, there is also risk involved. It is recommended to conduct some research before investing

Is there an NFT marketplace?

NFT marketplaces are a perfect way to start if you want to invest in significant assets, collections, or art because there are plenty of choices. Depending on the sort of NFT you want and the crypto you want to use for transactions, make sure you pick one that meets your buying and storing demands.

What is flipping NFTs?

Flipping is a word for buying low-cost items and quickly selling them for a profit. It's been there since the days of trading cards, toys, and comic books for money, and we're presently witnessing a massive boom in the NFT arena.

How can you tell if the NFT is good?

A healthy NFT project has always had a thriving community, indicating a larger collector base. Following active community networks will also provide you with a greater understanding of the project's operations, allowing you to decide if this is worth a chance. Additionally, you may join the program's Twitter and Discord community.


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