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To Engage

Use the limitless power of our Utility Apps to Create & Engage
Communities with Personalized & Exclusive Interaction

Holder Ticket

Create Ticketing campaign in few clicks

Holder Drop

Organize NFT Drop for your Holders

Holder Affiliation

Reward your partners involved in your awareness

Holder space

Create a personalized social profile for your Holders

Holder vote

Involve your community in your choices

Holder mail

Web3 mail service for your holders


Tropee is the one-stop-shop for utility,
helping anyone in the NFT community to
discover, build & collect utility NFTS

Interested to connect your own app to
our eco system?

Our Apps Are Designed For
Any Type Of NFT Collection

Artistic Tokens.

Artistic Tokens

Digitial Collectibles.

Digital Collectibles

Utility & Security

Utility & Security Tokens

Real Estate Property Tokenization.

Virtual real estate NFT

Gaming Tokens.

Gaming Tokens

Wearable NFTs

Wearable NFTs

Raise Communities Like
Never Before

Engage your community
With Exclusive Events

Engage your community
reward your community

Reward your community
with amazing Drops

Involve Influencers
and partners into
your NFT collection

Involve Influencers
create unque & personalized space for your holders

Create Unique &
personalized Space
for all your Holders

Give to your
Community the right
to vote

Involve Influencers
mailing campaing

Launch Mailing
campaing to your

Discover Certhis
To build on Web3

Wallet Certhis

Business Manager

Create, Launch And Manage
All Your NFT Campaigns In One Place.

Wallet Certhis

Wallet Services

Seamless Onboarding With Just An
Email. For Businesses & Their Customers.