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Everything you need to know about our platform functionalities and how things works.

Getting Started

Certhis provides a No-code technology for Brands and Businesses, their web agencies to step into Web3 and launch NFT collections, connect Utility Apps and integrate them on THEIR own website for THEIR own customers and community.

With 4 easy steps. Create your Account (Label) , Deploy your collections, connect utility widgets and Utility Apps to your collection and integrate it on your website

It can be any kind of format, Certhis support them all

Creating your NFT with Certhis is easy. Just connect your wallet, upload your file (jpg, video, audio or anything else), add a description, and mint!

Yes. On Certhis we give you the option to create and manage as many NFT collections as you want under one Account (Label) .


An Account (Label) is your environment on which you will be able to deploy all your collections. You can create more than 1 Account (Label) For each Account (Label) you need to choose which blockchain you collection will be deploy: today Certhis support: Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB

Yes, using Certhis embedded and integration modules, you will be able to integrate your collection on any website

Yes, you own the collection smart contract at the collection deploymen

Absolutely, on your Account (Label) page, you will get all analytics of all your collections


With Certhis, you can create a Account (Label) under your brand name and create different NFT collections for different purposes that are all part of your brand.

With Certhis, you can Integrate, display and sell your NFTs on your own website using Certhis embedded tools and integration modules. Your customers will then be able to mint and resell NFTs directly on your website.

Yes. NFTs is a proof of authenticity and proof of ownership and, therefore, can be used as membership cards or for VIP access. Visit the Certhis Utility Apps marketplace and connect Utility Apps to your NFT collection.

Yes. This is done by a mechanism known as Token-gated access. An NFT can be that token. Certhis has designed a tool to make it easy for you to implement this utility on your website.

You can grant access to real-world events with NFTs. Visit the Certhis Utility Apps marketplace where we provide tools to help you connect this utility to your collection and integrate it into your business.


No. You will receive commission for your NFTs for life.

Can I split the royalties in my collection between different people? Yes. Certhis lets you insert multiple digital wallets into the smart contract and allows you to choose what percentage of royalties each wallet will receive.

Yes. You determine the royalties for each NFT.

Certhis Mint Explorer

Coming soon, We will launch the Certhis mint explorer, if your collection is public, it will be published on it

You can still browse NFT collections, buy and sell, mint NFTs and perform other functions on Certhis Mint Explorer. You don't have to create NFTs yourself to use the platform.


No. Certhis solution is 100% decentralized. Just connect your digital wallet and Get Started!

All the tool use is completely free, we only take royalties on the collections transactions
For the mint, 5% royalties
For the secondary sale, 2.5% royalties

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