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NFT Ticketing Platform - The Safe Way To Sell Event Tickets!

NFTs disrupted the markets across various industries, most obvious would be to mention the digital art industry, however the event market is the forerunner nowadays when it comes to using NFTs to connect digital and physical ticketing. Let’s dive in and take a look atthe ticketing industry, what added value it can offer ticket holders and who is already in on the NFT ticketing frontlines. 

Nilos and Partner, a one-stop shop when it comes to managing your finances in Web3!

Nilos provides a platform where you can create crypto and fiat accounts; track and reconcile your revenue ...

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NFT Tax Guide: What you need to know on how your NFTs will be taxed

NFT’s, non-fungible tokens, probably already heard of them, it’s a word that has officially made its way into the dictionary and more than ...

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HolderTicket: An exclusive Ticket for an event when you are an NFT holder of a collection.

NFTs can go further than just the actual NFT as one can add utility to the NFT collection that can increase client engagement and feeling of community. One way to add utility is to host an event f ...

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Certhis and partnership announcement: Web3 projects global solution to partner with Certhis and offer their client roster the best launch pad into Web 3.0!

Read Article and Partner, offering you the Web3.0 Business solution

With our vision to the future, we are thrilled to announce the collaboration between and This collaboration will enable businesses to enjoy an elevated Web3.0 experience from c ...

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How can NFTs be used in Real Estate - the new place to invest!

What is meant by virtual land in the metaverse and why buying some could add some value to your investment portfolio? Real estate in the Metaverse might be the right place for you to invest now so ...

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How NFTs Can Be Used In Business – How To Add Utility And Its Benefits

NFTs have been around for a while and made a wider impact with NFT art auctions in 2021. A number of businesses have also entered the realm of the Metaverse as they seek innovative revenue streams ...

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