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How to claim NFT Airdrops - You may have got it but now you need to know how to claim it!

Seeing as many more people have taken interest in the decentralized community and specifically NFTs as NFT art became very hyped, it is a natural evolution that the NFT Airdrop came into existence, both on a technical level as well as a marketing one. An NFT airdrop is a way for creators launching an NFT collection to advertise their upcoming projects or create a kind of buzz within the community.

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March 1, 2023

So let’s say there is a creator that announces an Airdrop and you want to know how to get it.  What do you need to do? Below we will go through the steps you need to take in order to claim an NFT airdrop

Step 1 - Check Eligibility: what this means is that the airdrop may be for those who have a specific kind of wallet or have a certain amount of cryptocurrency. So check what the criteria is for the airdrop.

Step 2 - Compatible Wallet: as the NFTs are stored on a blockchain, you need to check and see that your crypto wallet supports the platform the NFT is built on.

Step 3 - Connect your Wallet: Connect your wallet to the platform where the NFT airdrop takes place.

Step 4- Follow instructions: to claim your NFT airdrop, you will need to follow some instructions. This step is quite straightforward and should be quite easy to complete. 

Step 5 - Verify receipt: Check your wallet to see that you have received your NFT. 


NFT Airdrops are quite easy to find; you can just google it and find a list. However, it is important to have some insights and information as to whether or not it is a project you are interested in because otherwise, you may not be eligible anyway or you might not want to become eligible specifically for the airdrop. Like with most of this evolving market, it is best to invest some time into understanding the different NFT projects and what the airdrop offers.


How do I claim airdrop crypto?

You could automatically be eligible to receive a crypto airdrop if you are already a holder of the specified cryptocurrency. Often you will need to have completed some tasks required by the dApps. It is a great way to make passive income.  

How do I claim my free NFT tokens?

Most likely, they will be connected to a project you know on the blockchain, as this is where tokens exist. You will need to check your eligibility by logging into the account, and then you should be able to claim your NFT token. 


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