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Chubby Grubby


10K Total Supplys
9.3951030439959 Total Volume


One Day Volume

3.6K Total Owners

Market Cap

Chubby Grubby is a free mint collection of 10,000 ERC-721 tokens snacking on the ETH blockchain. Grubby is the artistic expression of every fully grown adult's desires to revert back to a childlike state of unrestricted eating, complete comfort in one's own body, and absence of any real responsibilities. This project offers actual utility in the form of direct ETH drops to Chubby token holders so Chubbies can get rich. We are giving back 100% of our earnings to random token holders. The first drop was done on 8/29. Earning drops will be performed as we hit milestones on traded volume. Eventually the team will take a cut to battle our crippling debt. See our twitter if you are skeptical. Discord in the making Stay Chubby



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