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Series 1: Swords, Daggers, Axes! (Free Mint) To Reveal when YOU want... log into NFT Scribe (https://app.nftscribe.io), activate your NFT, and hit the Reveal button in the NFT! LootShop: Basic Weapons I is a 30K Collection of basic fantasy weapons on ETH Blockchain. It is the first collection of dynamic NFT weapons which grows as you do. They can be carefully trained to become very good at attacking or defending against specific types of enemies, imbued with magical abilities, elemental powers, and they even retain memories of their battles across the Metaverse. Remembering total battles fought, damage dealt, enemies vanquished. Some can become cursed, and some are even intelligent.. imbued with the personality of previous owners. Mint one today at https://app.nftscribe.io/shop

Symbol: LootShop11

Type: ERC721

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