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The best way to create and deploy your NFT collection

All-in-one tool to mint and sell NFTs to your community

Best way to create and deploy nft

How it works?

create your label

Create your label

check logoBuild yourself a label that represents all of your work
check logoSet a label tax for all future collections
check logoManage all your collections from your label page

deploy collection

upload nft

Upload NFTs

verifCreate a single NFT
verifUpload all your NFTs at once with our bulk upload feature (up to 10,000)

Display your NFT Collection

on certhis

On Certhis

We provide you with your own collection page for displaying your NFTs. Share it with your community

Publish your collection on Certhis Mint Explorer and offer your art to our Minters community

on your website

On your Website

Publish and sell your collection on your own website

in the metaverse

In the Metaverse (coming soon)

Display your NFTs in the Metaverse

Exclusive Features

mint explorer

Mint Explorer

  • Explore and mint revealed or unrevealed NFTs
  • Mint NFTs directly from collection pages on Certhis explorer
bulk upload

Bulk Upload

Upload thousands of NFTs within minutes with our bulk upload feature

  • Create a collection with thousands of NFTs in one quick and easy process
  • Supports mp3, mp4, jpeg and all other formats


Your dashboard monitors all your collections

  • Keep track of what’s minting and what’s selling
  • Discover buyer trends
publish anywhere

Publish Anywhere

  • Publish on your own website
  • Share on your social networks

3 Layers Of Commission

check logo

Set your Label tax level

check logo

Set your collections royalties

check logo

Set your NFT price and royalties



Use our Influencers affiliate program

Your project grows with your community


Reward your fellow influencers for promoting your collection on social networks


Set a % of royalties on Mint and Resell for your influencers


Get your community and followers involved