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Connect With Your Community

Pioneering the Fusion of Web2 and Web3, Empowering Brands and Delighting Consumers.

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Notification System

Harnessing Daily Engagement:
A Marketing Channel That Becomes Part of Your Customers' Mobile Experience!

New Communication Channel

send Push notifications
to your holders

Apple & GooGle integration

Your holders can enjoy
apple & google wallet

Launch your Project within minutes

Web3 project Launch: Minimize costs, Maximize Potential

Some projects Launched on Certhis

Wallet As-A-Service

Onboard Your Community with our
Seamless Digital Wallet

Your Go-To Solution for Wallet-as-a-Service Enhanced with Key NFT Features.

Features Found

in Certhis solution

Access Exclusive Features Reserved normally for Industry Giants like Nike, Starbucks...

Royalties Management

Secure Your Share of Secondary Sales with On-Chain Royalties Enforcement.

Analytics System

With our analytics system, we tap into on-chain data streams for powerful insights.

Dynamic NFT

NFT dynamic features that add layers of interactivity and value to your digital assets.


Our API and SDK empower developers with seamless integration.

Utility Applications

Enrich user experiences through intuitive design and innovative features.

Marketplace Ready

Launch Your NFTs and Reach OpenSea, Blur, Rarible, and other marketplaces


Effortlessly Manage Your Whitelist and Sync it with Your Smart Contract..

Split payout

Split royalties among contributors to your collection's creation with our platform.

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How safe is my smart contract ?

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Let's Talk

This informations will allow us to assist you in your web3 project.