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October 18, 2022

Certhis and Wild.solutions partnership announcement: Web3 projects global solution

Wild.solutions to partner with Certhis and offer their client roster the best launch pad into Web 3.0!

October 18, 2022

Wild.solutions to partner with Certhis and offer their client roster the best launch pad into Web 3.0! For your Web3 projects you have wild.solutions bringing their clients to the next level and Certhis ’providing technological tools, so your brand is certain to make the most out of their possibilities. With Web3 and NFTs you can offer your customers new and exciting experiences, reward them for their loyalty, and generate new revenues. 

How does it work

Wild.solutions provides 360 degree solutions for their clients, through their marketing strategy, project management, community management and growth, Web3 influenceurs and media planning.
Certhis enables creation and deployment of NFT collections for all brands and businesses, which can be integrated on any website and offers utility applications which will enhance customers' (NFT Holders) experience. 
For example:

- With Holderticket.io (powered by Certhis) Wild.solutions’ clients will be able to generate tickets for their holders to physical events.
- Certhis Marketplace App:  Integrate NFT collection on your website
- Certhis Notification App:  Collection Report Notifications


What’s Next

The potential of Web 3.0 in benefits means that no company wants to be left behind. Wild.solutions sees this potential and is eager to ensure their clients are on top of all innovations and new revenue streams. NFTS are meant to supplement YOUR business and be a part of the value you bring - to YOUR customers and community. Together with Certhis technology, you have professionals and experts leading the way! 

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