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How To Mint Nft?

Discover the Certhis Mint Explorer where you can browse collections. Find out how to mint NFTs directly from the collection page

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August 12, 2022

How to Mint NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, exploded in popularity in 2021 with record sales. Entering more and more into the mainstream and conscious of the public, the way cryptocurrencies did several years ago. But like in the case of Crypto, NFTs can be difficult for some people to wrap their head around the concept. How to buy, how to sell, and how to min and NFT? These actions often take place on several different platforms. One of the keys to fixing this will be to have one platform that does everything. This is the goal of Certhis.io.

Certhis tools enable creators to easily make collections with thousands of items and publish them on their own website. See the article below for more details on how to do this. This means either deploying the collection to an already existing site with the use of add-ons provided by Certhis, or creating a brand new custom site, again by using the Certhis platform. In both cases, the creator will have the option of making their collection public on Certhis explorer, and thus visible to users and potential buyers and minters browsing for potential NFTs they want to collect.  One of the main actions needed to do this is minting NFTs in the collection. 

What does it mean to mint NFTs?

Minting is the most important action in making an NFT. It is the process of taking any digital file, such as an image, audio or video file, and storing it on the blockchain. Because blockchains are decentralized, the item is now visible to the public, and its owner and authenticity can be verified. This enables digital items that otherwise could be copied and distributed endlessly, to become unique one of a kind collectibles with a single verified owner. Thus from a fungible token, such as Ethereum, that can be replaced with an identical copy, to a non-fungible token, for short NFT, that cannot be replaced.  This also allows artists to monetize their work. We will expand on NFT commission and NFT royalties later in this article.

How to mint NFTs?

The minting process of taking an item and placing it on the blockchain, requires coding by a programmer. Certhis does this process for you so no coding is required. After connecting a digital wallet and connecting it to Certhis, simply create your NFT by pressing on the create button. Then drag your file (image, audio or video) into the drag and drop section. Add a description to your item and press ‘create’. Your item is now uploaded to Certhis under your user. You now have the option to press ‘mint’, and voila, your NFT is minted! The mint process will cost a gas fee, so make sure you have Crypto in your wallet. 

How to mint a collection of NFTs?

Now that you know how to mint an NFT, let’s talk about a collection of NFTs. Many NFT’s are not stand alones, but part of a collection, varying from single digit to thousands of items, all part of the same collection. Certhis is a platform that is perfect for artists and businesses who want to create and sell entire collections, not just single items. This is because other major platforms only enable you to mint one item at a time. OpenSea, one of the major NFT marketplaces, is a good example. It doesn’t enable a bulk upload of an entire collection of say, 10,000 items, nor an option for people to mint on the website. So what most creators do is create a smart contract independently, enabling them to upload their collection to OpenSea in one go. This requires extra resources. It also requires users to go to a third platform in order to mint their NFT, before it shows up on OpenSea. Certhis simplifies this process. Creators upload their entire collection using a bulk upload feature, either to their website or creating their own page on Certhis. They can then choose to make their collection public on OpenSea, and enable a mint feature with a set price. What this does is allow users to browse Certhis explorer, discover the creator’s collection page, and then mint their item for the set price, directly from the page. Without any of the NFT third-party website hastles. A collection page can be both selling and minting, meaning if the collection is not minted out yet, you can choose to buy an item on sale that has already been minted, or minted an item that doesn't exist yet.

NFT Mint: Revealed or Hidden?

Many large collections have items that are unrevealed before mint. This means that the buyer doesn’t know what he is minting, he only knows he is receiving an item from a collection, but he doesn’t know which one. Creators make sure this process is random, so that nobody cheats in order to get a rare item in the collection. Certhis also enables randomized minting. But many businesses and artists publishing items will want to reveal their items first. Meaning users will know exactly what item they are minting. Certhis enables both these features. Anyone can simply browse the collections and see items that are available for mint, whether they are revealed or hidden. They then just have to press on the mint button on the page, pay a gas fee, and their item is minted. Certhis also offers the first ‘Mint Explorer’, a search feature only displaying what items can be minted at any given time. Just browse and choose what you want to mint!

Mint Cost

Anyone displaying an item for mint chooses a mint price. This is the price a potential minter is paying for the right to mint the item. This can be any sum, even for free. Minters pay the mint sum and this money goes directly into the wallet of the person who placed his item available for mint. A 5% commission is paid to Certhis. 

What Happens after the Mint?

Once an item is minted, the person who performed the mint is the verified owner of that particular NFT. He can now sell that NFT on Certhis. He can sell it from the collection page from which he purchased, or from his own display page. 

The main advantage of the Certhis platform is that it centralizes the process by having all the features in one place both for creators and buyers. For the creator, it allows them to bulk upload their entire collection using Certhis, without creating a smart contract on a separate platform. It is then possible to place all or some of the items in the collection available for mint at any price, either revealed or unrevealed. Purchaser then mint items directly from the collection page on Certhis, rather than doing so on another website. The whole process stays in one place. In this way Certhis is ahead of the curve in making the NFT experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone.


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