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Best NFT Wallet - Top NFT Wallets in 2022

Learn about the NFT wallets for holding your assets. A list of the best digital wallets for NFTs

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March 1, 2023

A look at the best digital wallets for NFTs

Quality of leather, thickness, card holders, pockets for change, these are some of the things we look for when we want to buy a wallet. But in this article we will be talking about another type of wallet, the digital wallet. That can store not just cryptocurrencies, but also NFTs. The type of features you may be looking for here will be completely different to those of a regular wallet  So let’s dive in and take a look at some of the top digital wallets out there for holding NFTs, in no particular order.

What is an NFT wallet?

Before we start, a quick explanation on NFT wallets. It should be noted that there is no such thing as an NFT wallet. There are digital wallets that support NFTs. That means that these wallets of course support certain types of cryptocurrencies, but also store the information of the NFTs on the blockchain they support. Allowing users to buy, sell and view the NFTs they own with their digital wallet. These functions are needed in order to buy and sell NFTs, but digital wallets can also perform a variety of other functions that make the experience efficient and easy.


This is perhaps the best known wallet for holding Ethereum and NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Built by the blockchain solutions company ConsenSys, the browser extension on Metamask works smoothly and this wallet has a nice phone application that works as well.

Like other digital wallets, you can hold multiple wallets on Metamask with different addresses to separate your cryptocurrency from your NFTs. Metamask also provides options for swapping tokens and cryptocurrencies, making it one of the best wallets for NFTs.

Math Wallet

Math wallet has emerged as a major competitor to Metamask. Offering a desktop, mobile and web version that integrate nicely, perhaps this NFT wallet’s best feature is the fact that it supports more than 70 blockchains. It features a dApp browser enabling the user to browse NFT marketplaces, as well as a unique utility token for users of this top NFT wallet. 

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a popular mobile-only wallet owned by Binance. It supports 53 different blockchains and over a million crypto assets. Supporting NFTs from the Ethereum smart chain and Binance smart chain, this wallet displays the properties of your NFT art, and the sleek and simple design makes it a nice NFT wallet for beginners. 

Binance Chain Wallet

Another wallet associated with Binance. This browser extension supports assets from the Binance smart chain, supporting Ethereum and Binance smart chain NFTs. Transferring cryptocurrency and tokens from Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and this wallet is very easy and simple. While NFTs can be easily transferred from here to the relatively new but rapidly expanding Binance NFT marketplace.


Phantom is perhaps the most popular and best NFT wallets for NFTs on the Solana blockchain. These NFTs have become quite popular due to the low gas fees associated with Solana, and the interface of this NFT wallet is simple and allows you to see all of your NFTs clearly. Phantom also allows you to receive and swap tokens, so staking an NFT and receiving a token of some sort that can be converted to a cryptocurrency is very convenient on Phantom. 

Coinbase wallet

Like in the case of Binance, the website Coinbase for trading cryptocurrencies also boasts an NFT supporting wallet. One of the unique features of this NFT wallet is that it allows you to send and receive NFTs by username rather than public wallet address. An address with between 32 to 34 characters can be confusing and scary for beginners which is why Coinbase may be the best NFT wallet for those just starting out.

Crypto.com Defi wallet

Once again we see a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform developing a digital wallet of its own that also can store NFTs. This wallet by the crypto.com website is good for storing both cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Enabling staking of crypto to earn interest, while the design has a gallery to display the crypto.org and Ethereum chain NFTs you can hold in this wallet. 

This wallet also has a feature for sharing the NFTs you own on social media by providing a dedicated image template. For those seeking to perform many functions in both cryptocurrencies and NFTs, this may be one of the top digital wallets for NFTs out there


Can I send NFTs to any wallet?

No. You have to make sure the wallet address where you are sending the NFT supports the blockchain of that NFT. So if you send an Ethereum based NFT to a wallet that does not support that cryptocurrency, you will probably lose that NFT. So be careful.

Do I have to pay a fee when buying and selling my NFTs with my digital wallet?

Yes. Buying or selling an NFT is a blockchain transaction and therefore requires a gas fee to pay for the computing energy needed to process and validate that transaction. This fee can change drastically based on the blockchain used and the amount of traffic at the time of your purchase or listing. 

What should I be looking for when choosing a digital wallet?

It is important to find a wallet that you feel comfortable with and is easy to understand. This can be different for different people, so each person should choose the user interface that suits them best. Other important factors are security and the compatibility of the wallet with multiple blockchain networks. 


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