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How NFTs will shape the future of the Metaverse

The Metaverse is the new digital world in which you can actually own assets. Discover the benefits of NFTs and Metaverse

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June 6, 2022

How NFTs will shape the future of the Metaverse?

Two of the latest and most exciting spaces that are evolving at the moment are the Metaverse and the world of NFTs. Some people wonder whether they are the samething, or completely different. The answer is that there are similarities and differences, but we expect the future to be one in which both of these futuristic ideas are prominent and influence each other. Let’s dive in.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a digital world where people, with the aid of augmented reality tools such as 3D headsets, can walk around and explore. Like the real world, it is a shared environment where people can interact with one another, play video games, or shop for consumer goods. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique opportunities the metaverse provides.

Decentralized Metaverse 

The difference between the Metaverse and a videogame is the ownership of assets. In the real world when you go for a stroll, everything around you is not owned by one shadowy mega tycoon behind the scenes. The park may be run by the city council, the ice cream stand by a shop owner, and there are many apartment owners in the building next to you.

The Metaverse replicates this real world experience with a decentralized ownership of assets, using blockchain technology. You can buy and sell real-estate in the metaverse just like in the real world. How is this accomplished?

NFT and Metaverse

NFTs are the perfect solution for expanding the Metaverse, as their purpose is to verify ownership of digital assets, and in the Metaverse, all assets are digital! Thus a plot of land, a property, or anything else in the Metaverse can potentially be sold as an NFT. We are already seeing this on a large scale in popular Metaverses like Sandbox and Decentraland.

Even the image you are using to walk around in the Metaverse is digital. This is called an Avatar. It is the digital representation of yourself, and like in the real world, people want their avatar to look good. Therefore avatars are bought and sold, and you can even dress up your avatar with accessories just like you would dress up for a real world party!

Metaverse NFT opportunities 

We are already seeing large brands like Nike set up a shop in the Metaverse. Nikeland has already attracted over 7 million visitors, so the potential for exposure is tremendous. Also the idea of creating 3D NFT clothing items for your avatar, of say Nike, or any other brand, will become popular.

There are many Metaverses out there, digital worlds, where people are spending their time. Therefore it is a potential place to engage customers.

Certhis converts NFTs to 3D and prepares them for the Metaverse

In order for an NFT to be usable in the Metaverse, it cannot be a 2D image, it needs to be three dimensional because the Metaverse is 3D. Certhis platform will be able to convert your NFTs into 3D so that they will be usable in the Metaverse. Any brand wishing to create 3D NFTs of its items, will also want to display those items in a shop at a good location in the Metaverse, just like the Nike example, and in the same way stores set up shop in a busy mall.

Certhis is creating the first all-in-one platform to help businesses set up their Metaverse shop. In this shop, you will be able to display your 3D NFTs in a pleasing manner and sell them. You can also sell them from your regular online shop. 

Customers will be able to then use these NFTs in the Metaverse in a variety of ways. Wearables for avatars, items for gaming experiences and more.


Metaverse and NFTs go hand in hand, as they both use blockchain technology, and NFTs are needed in order to own assets in a digital world. As more and more people spend time in that digital world, it is an opportunity for business to create a presence their and sell NFTs to be used in the ever-expanding Metaverse.


Is Metaverse an NFT?

The Metaverse itself is not an NFT. But a variety of people can own NFTs that exist in that metaverse.

How do I get NFTs on the Metaverse?

The specific Metaverse itself may be selling specific assets. So for example from Sandbox you can buy NFTs of things in the Sandbox Metaverse. But you can also buy these from anyone else. Ownership of assets is decentralized and that is one of the main goals of the Metaverse, as opposed to digital platforms we are used to like Twitter and Facebook which are completely owned by one company.

What is the use of NFT in Metaverse?

NFTs are a way of owning digital assets in the Metaverse. So if you want to own a property in one of the digital worlds that now exist out there, that would have to be represented by an NFT. 



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