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NFT Poetry Finding Poetry A Home In The Metaverse

Most likely you are aware of digital art having found its niche on the expanding metaverse. Now it seems to be the time to introduce varying art forms and NFT poetry is one of them.

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August 16, 2022

 Poetry has been around for centuries and over time poetry and its forms have evolved, so is there a place for NFT poetry? Let’s find out! 

What is NFT poetry?

NFT poetry is a digital art form that enables far less rigidity while combining existing poetic traditions with what is known as 21st century Crypto verse. It’s poetry that has been uploaded onto the blockchain and can be seen or sold in that marketplace. NFT poetry contributes to the expansion of the NFT art portfolio.

Literature and the Metaverse

Increasing literature expression in the blockchain is one which still needs to be built however there are already a few creators paving their poetic future. 

One such project was offered by the NFT artist known as Pak, who with his work “Lost Poets” was able to combine NFT poetry within a kind of game. It was a single artist that is owned by thousands of collectors as each “page” bought yields a poet attached to it and each Poet is created by AI. This could mark the beginning of a new era for poets from around the world. 

Could literature ever flourish in a Virtual Verse?

Poetry is for all and there are those that believe that poetry creators can thrive in a new way, not only connecting with millions but also earning money. One of the creators of the VERSEVerse, which is an NFT poetry gallery on the blockchain, thinks that it’s important to bring together tech with literature, giving NFT poetry a home. Some believe that NFT poetry enables poets and their audience to have a more dynamic relationship and that this will ultimately bring them closer together, where the audience and poet could be in the same neighborhood, public space, or even room (in the Virtual verse of course).

How to make NFT poetry

Some believe that NFT poetry works better when it also has some sketches or drawings as part a part of it, creating “immersive multi-genre works”. This may be the case now as people are just starting to explore the various genres of digital art on Web3. 

How to mint an NFT poem

Minting, by definition, is when you uniquely publish your token on the blockchain to make it purchasable as an NFT. In the case of an NFT poem, there are already a few marketplaces which enable one to mint NFT poetry. So if as a poet you want to express yourself on the emerging metaverse you ultimately have to have a crypto wallet, mint your digital art and upload it to one of the marketplaces as an NFT poem. 

Final Thoughts

It was the French writer J. Joubert who said, “You will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some of it with you.” This in essence is why digital poetry should have its place in the metaverse. Time will tell whether tech and literature interacting can lead to the success of poetry as an NFT.


Can an NFT be a poem?

Yes, anything can be minted into an NFT on the blockchain by its creator, hence also a poem. 

How do I convert a poem to NFT? 

Once you have a crypto wallet and have decided on which marketplace you want to mint your poem into an NFT on, you’re set. There are several marketplaces on which poetry can be minted. 

Can I sell poetry as NFT?

Yes, you can. It enables writers to sell their poetry directly to readers without needing to go through traditional publishing. Since NFTs are unique and can not be replicated this is actually a good place to avoid plagiarism. 

How do you write a NFT poem?

If you already have the creative process behind you, then the rest is quite simple of turning your poetry into and NFT.  You need a Crypto wallet, then decide which marketplace you want to upload your NFT poem to and create and account there, once you’ve created your NFT, you can sell it! 



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