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NFT Ticketing Platform - The Safe Way To Sell Event Tickets!

NFTs disrupted the markets across various industries, most obvious would be to mention the digital art industry, however the event market is the forerunner nowadays when it comes to using NFTs to connect digital and physical ticketing. Let’s dive in and take a look atthe ticketing industry, what added value it can offer ticket holders and who is already in on the NFT ticketing frontlines. 

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March 1, 2023

What is NFT ticketing platform

What makes NFT ticketing different from buying a ticket to a show, let’s say a concert online like most of us have been doing for years? As you most likely know, NFT is a digital asset stored on the blockchain and it has value. This value can be used to improve a customer’s experience all using a secure interface. 

The NFT tickets (digital tokens) are created on the blockchain and can then be sold to clients. The customer can save the NFT ticket in their digital wallet and access it easily from their mobile device. 

How is NFT disrupting the ticketing industry? 

  • Shaking up the standard ticketing model, as it offers so much more than just event entrance
  • Increase the fan base, offering your NFT community more as an artist

The advantages of selling tickets employing NFT technology

  •  Avert scammers and scalping-  easily verify the authenticity of tickets
  • Keep a more in-depth record on the number of attendees
  • Interacting with ticket holders in various ways, like sending them notices, host token-only services, creating giveaways, etc.

What can NFT offer to the guests?

  • Grants holders access to exclusive experiences
  • Safe ticket storing as future keepsakes
  • Be part of the event’s community
  • Fast and secure way to access event tickets

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What opportunities do NFTs create for the event coordinators? 

  • Offering experiences beyond just entry to a concert can be combined between metaverse and in-person events
  • Collect information so as to improve subsequent events
  • Reduced Costs associated with selling tickets compared to traditional ticketing
  • Fast production, as it is quick and easy to create and mint NFTs to be used as tickets
  • prove the authenticity of each ticket and verify the owner
  • Added value potential even after the event is over, like resell tickets as collectibles

Who is already using NFT tickets?

There are several artists who have already taken advantage of this growing business trend and have combined NFT ticketing with exclusive access to the album tracks. Some festivals like the renowned Coachella, created a lifetime pass with its Coachella Collectible NFTs.  


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When might NFT ticketing truly take off?

As the NFT ecosystem grows NFT ticketing will become more mainstream, it still needs for more of the global audience to adopt the NFT technology and enter the NFT space, meaning opening a wallet on the blockchain. It will surely disrupt the event and music industry!

Final words

NFTs have already entered a number of industries with many new and relevant use cases. The events sector has also found a way of applying NFTs through ticketing and it is catching popularity worldwide. NFTs use in ticketing brings transparency and also allows for the ticket buyer to feel secure about the authenticity of their ticket.


How do I make a NFT ticket?

If you want to promote an event or concert then NFT ticketing is for you! Setup a profile, using a ticketing app such as NFTScanner (powered by Certhis). Set your event (time, place, etc.); Share event details via NFT Scanner. 

How do I use an NFT ticket?

NFT can holders can create a unique ticket by proving their NFT ownership. Once they receive an invite they will need to connect their wallets, so that they can prove that they own an NFT from the collection. This is easily done by clicking on the image. This in turn generates a secure and unique QR code from the scanner. Once your guest receives the QR code (ticket), they have the option to download it to their device. 

How do I scan my NFT ticket?

When the ticket holder arrives at the event, they show their ticket which is on their device. Using NFT Scanner powered by Certhis one just scans the ticket and lets the ticket holder in once the scan is authorized. 


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