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NFT membership is the future for businesses and their customers

NFT membership is a very convenient way to verify whether a certain person is a member or not of a certain service or community.

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January 12, 2023

We live in a world in which the average person is signed up for a dozen services at a minimum: Email, bank, social media accounts, cryptocurrency exchanges, E-commerce sites and much much more. We are drowning in usernames and passwords, spam emails and subscription plans. What if all this could be made simpler? NFT membership could be the answer. Here’s why.

What is wrong with the current membership model?

Subscriptions are a huge part of the internet economy. Millions of users are signed up for billions of subscriptions of all kinds. But the membership experience is not smooth, especially if you are signed up for multiple services. Each membership requires a separate username, password, and payment service. What if all this could be made simpler? Enter NFT membership

NFT membership offers a smooth ride

WIth an NFT, membership on any platform is authenticated easily on the internet: anyone can simply connect their digital wallet to a website, and if they hold the correct membership NFT, they are granted access. If you are holding multiple NFTs for multiple websites, the process would still be the same: connecting your wallet to the website. The smart contract will identify if the wallet is holding the correct NFT, and access is unlocked

With an NFT you own your membership

One of the main differences of NFT membership is that the NFT holder actually owns the subscription. If this requires a yearly payment you may have to buy a new one each, year but in any case you can re-sell your NFT to someone else on the market if you are no longer interested in your membership. Once that’s done your out, without ever writing down your credit card details or speaking to a customer service representative

The service providers saves the time and energy needed to find a new customers and facilitate the sign up process, and still earns a part of the resale via the royalties listed on the membership NFT

Advantages of NFT membership

With membership NFTs a service provider or anyone else running a community can grant access to specific content to NFT holders using NFT-gates websites, where specific content is available for specific NFT holders. Beyond just membership, different NFTs such as gold and platinum can grant extra value and services.

Unlock Protocol is an app enabling this function in websites built with wordpress, but the process is still complex. Certhis.io enables this feature for any collection creators, while also providing the necessary plugins and add-ons to integrate this feature into a website, and thus create gated content only for NFT holders. 

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NFT social clubs

These are communities popping up all over the place where NFTs are the membership card. One such popular group that has gained attention is “Friends with Benefits” located in New York city. A community of crypto and Web3 entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. An NFT grants access to the discord channel, but is also used to enter real world events. This group is experimenting with how a decentralized organization works: One NFT token grants access to the community, 5 to events and 75 grants voting rights. 

The flying fish restaurant, based on NFT membership and created by NFT enthusiast Gary Vaynerchuk, is set to open in 2023.  Granting access only to holders of certain NFTs. While a more expensive NFT option additionally unlocks the omakase room offering diners high-end Japanese meals curated specifically by the chef. The NFTs sold out quickly on the market for the hefty price of 2.5 Ethereum


NFT membership is an easy way for service providers and brands to run subscriptions, grant access to members, and provide exclusive access and benefits to premium members with minimum hassle. While for members it simplifies the process, grants them ownership over their membership, and provides a fun and unique membership experience. 


Can a membership be an NFT?

Membership for a service or a community can be represented by an NFT. The NFT grants access to various services, but it is also possible to sell the NFT and thus sell your membership.

Why NFT membership?

NFT membership is a very convenient way to verify whether a certain person is a member or not of a certain service or community. It also allows the member to own his membership via the NFT and sell it to someone else if no longer interested in the membership.

What is an NFT membership card?

An NFT can replace your standard membership card for service. Rather than carry around another card in your wallet, simply connect your digital wallet and a smart contract will verify if you are a member if you have the correct NFT in your digital wallet.

What are NFT clubs?

These are social clubs with NFT membership. You are a member if you own the correct NFT. Sometimes these clubs have several different NFTs with different levels of gold or platinum membership.


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