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June 15, 2022

NFT art finance aims to be the new coin for non-fungible tokens

NFT art finance is a new cryptocurrency that works on the Binance smart chain. With the goal of creating an NFT marketplace that runs on the token.

June 15, 2022

NFTs exist today on many different blockchains, from Ethereum to Solana to Avalanche. But these cryptocurrencies were not created with buying and selling NFTs in mind. That’s where the creators of NFTART come in. A cryptocurrency created with the specific purpose of buying and selling NFTs.

The NFT art finance coin

NFTART is a new cryptocurrency that works on the Binance smart chain. With the goal of creating an NFT marketplace that runs on the token. The token has been described as hyper deflationary, with a mechanism to prevent people from selling off the coin. If holders choose to do so, they pay a 10% fee: half of this is burnt, meaning destroyed, while the other half is distributed among NFTART holders, in an attempt to incentivize people to hold on to this coin. 

NFT art finance

This is a new marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, as the founders set out with a goal to run this platform on their new NFTART coin. Like many new coins that hit the market, NFT Art Finance made some early gains, reaching a peak price of $0.0000000360 in April, but has since been on a steady decline.

Where to buy NFT Art Finance?

The best way to buy the NFT Art Finance coin is on the NFT art Finance website, where it is possible to easily exchange the cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB) for NFTART. Currently the only place to use this new cryptocurrency is on the NFT Art Finance platform. 

Is there a future for the NFT Art Finance Token?

This is a brand new coin with a very limited usage. The platform NFT Art Finance is also yet to prove itself as a worthy platform, so in general this is a very risky investment. Some people who are interested in expanding the world of NFT Art may be attracted to this coin because of its name, but other cryptocurrencies like ethereum are currently safer and more reliable cryptocurrencies for trading in NFT art.

Certhis.io has no intention at this time of developing its own coin, and this should not be the factor that decides which platform you choose to use for buying, selling and trading in NFTs.


What does NFT art finance do?

NFT Art Finance is a cryptocurrency used for buying NFTs on the NFT Art Finance NFT platform. It is like a custom made currency the platform created for its users, and therefore currently can only be used there and has limited uses.

How do I get NFT art finance tokens?

The easiest way is to exchange the Binance Coin (BNB) for NFT Art Finance tokens on the website NFT Art Finance.

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